Thurman 🇫🇷

Thurman is a creative Artist from Paris who started very young to perform in public, with multiple gigs in the top parisian clubs and festivals. He slowly started making his own music to define his style. In the Studio 24/7, he never stops creating, innovating, and looking for new sound texture to bring groovy and percussive tracks. It is the place if feels the best after inside a Dj Booth

He already have many releases out on Innocent Music, Tulpa Records, Set About, Time Has Changed, and an impressive feedbacks list with likes such as Dennis Cruz, Seth Troxler, Joseph Capriati and more recently the almighty Laurent Garnier who wrote there was something really innovative in his music. On Beatport, Thurman productions trusted the #1 best sales of Innocent Music record label, with 5 tracks in the top 10. In 2018, Popof asked for an EP to release on his own imprit, form music.

On stage, Thurman is a dynamic profile, constantly sharing his unlimited energy with the public.