Terrence Dixon 🇺🇸

Terrence Dixon, started making music at the age of 19 with his first release ‘Live in Detroit’ following two years later in 1994 on Utensil Records, after being discovered by Claude Young Jr. He went on to craft a second release ‘Unknown Black Shapes’ the same year under the moniker Population One on Metroplex. Terrence who describes techno as “Forward thinking ghetto electronics” is widely recognised for his incongruous, minimal sound design, authenticity and dedication.
He found his true voice with ‘Minimalism’ in 1995 on Utensil, then followed up with EP ‘Bionic Man’ in 1998, going on to co-produce ‘Skynet’ with Juan Atkins on Tresor. The full-length ‘From The Far Future pt 2’ made Fact Magazine’s ‘Best 50 Albums of 2012’ reaching number 8, pt.1 of this series was also repressed by Tresor in 2016. The album contains at least four of his boldest compositions: the industrial nightmare ‘Dark City Of Hope’ the suspenseful aquatic ‘The Study’, the bubbling subliminal music concrete of ‘Vision Blurry’ and especially the frenzied neurotic cosmic array of ‘The Auto Factory’. 2013 saw release Badge of Honour described as more “reverent than nostalgic – it could be an unearthed gem from the mid 90’s”. The veteran producer announced his retirement from music in 2014 – but reemerged soon after under Population One with ‘Theater of a Confused Mind’ on Rush Hour, and on Trip where he was featured on the label’s debut release, plus a collaboration with Orlando Voorn in 2016.

Not just a music producer, Terrence is also the force behind ‘minimal detroit’ – a platform incorporating events, tours, artist agency and local community, with record and clothing labels to follow. Launched in 2014 with a secret Facebook group of Detroit fans that grew to some 20,000 – managing to enforce the one rule “Detroit related posts only”. Terrence has a clear and forward vision for minimal detroit – combining a campaign to re-energise the city of Detroit, with a worldwide export mission. minimal detroit has a local back to basics approach, cultivating and nurturing the city’s assets and community to bolster the original foundations. minimal detroit is embarking on a series of events and partnerships as part of a long-term initiative to expand the brand.

2017 will see forthcoming releases on Out-Er, and live shows from Population One with two new band members – Dave Peoples on keys and Doc Midi on drums.