Nozen 🇫🇷

Creator and member of the Octogone collective, Nozen is passionated for music since his youngest age, and for electronic music since about a decade.

Inspired by his numerous trips around the globe, he tries producing for the first time at the age of 15. His first tracks were in a minimalist techno style.

After a few years in the Octogone group, he decided to start his new solo project : Nozen.

Within the releases, his style remains techno, and this led him to play in clubs all over the world (NYC, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid…) alongside artists such as Martinez Brothers, Sasha Braemer, Octave, Nick Curly, Masomenos, Mike Wall, Ixel, Monocraft, Coeter One, Minilogue, Extrawelt, Sascha Dive, Markus Fix …