Kreature 🇬🇧

Kreature might look fresh faced, but he’s been committed to dance music for 15 years. What started in his bedroom as an obsession with anything from jungle to garage to disco soon turned into a full blown career: by the age of just 18, Ashley Burgoyne was already touring South Africa, Australia and Europe. Now, years later, he has put in tens of thousands of hours behind the decks so has a natural ability to connect with any audience. Whether in an intimate back room packed full of heads at 3am, or on a vast outdoor festival stage, he always knows exactly the record to reach for to get people dancing and make real connections with his crowds.

Next to Kreature’s ongoing love of DJing comes a desire to produce ever fresher and ever more arresting music. He grew up and lives in Manchester but always has one foot always firmly in Leeds’ thriving underground, and that has helped form his own distinct musical identity. Though drum lead and sure to make you dance, his style is also speckled with the sort of deft little details that make a more lasting impact.

All this means Kreature is continually celebrated by his peers for his high production values and the genuinely engaging nature of his tunes on labels like WOW Records, ViVA and Resonance. His first record only came in 2012—and immediately climbed to the Number 2 spot of the Beatport chart—and now he continues to get constant support from big hitters like Marco Carola, Matthias Tanzmann and Jamie Jones.

Already 2018 is already proving to be a vintage one for Kreature. His Wacomin EP on Underground Audio showed musical maturity across three originals with warm, propulsive drums, a great sense of colour and plenty of fresh percussion and vocal deployment. Pete Tong hammered it on Radio 1, tapped Kreature up for a 30 minute hot mix for his All Gone Pete Tong show and duly named him as one of house music’s rising stars.

Truth is, Kreature has already risen and fully arrived on the global scene, armed with a devastating sound and dance floor know-how that is impossible to fake.