Kenneth Christiansen 🇩🇰

Kenneth Christiansen and his Echocord label have long been the guardians of dub techno’s second wave. More than that, the Dane & like-minded friends built their very own techno temple in the form of Copenhagen’s intimate Culture Box. Kenneth worked there for years as artistic director until he decided to focus on his labels and his own DJ-career and left the venue in 2017.

More than a decade after starting his label – and later the Echocord Colour sub-label – there have been more than 100 EPs and LPs that have updated continuously and revisited the techno and dub template and have very much contributed to the careers of those that release on it.  Kenneth himself is also an accomplished producer as one half of Pattern Repeat with Dennis Bog.  The pair release on their eponymously entitled label and excel at crafting moody, textured and widescreen techno sounds that draw on years of dub culture.

As a DJ, Kenneth has been spinning ever since the beginning of the 90’s, immediately picking up gigs all around Europe because of his unique style and tightly honed sonic vision. Few people manage to remain credible and engaged with the underground over such a long period of time, but thanks to his devotion to his city, sounds and the scene, this man has managed it with ease and is here to stay.

When Kenneth is djing his focus is mostly on Dub-Techno, but also he likes to spin the underground, edgy house and Techno. Kenneth is a vinyl DJ.