Jon Rundell 🇬🇧

For the last 10 + years I’ve been out there soaking it all up. Travelling, playing, listening and learning. I’ve had an amazing time and I’m grateful.

Despite that, it struck me that not much has really changed in all that time though as human beings with music. We still love to go out and dance to a tribal beat, just like cavemen did. It’s never really changed, I doubt it ever will, only some of the styles of music slowly have perhaps.

I started to look around me more and more and realised too that for the first time ever, I could be more independent as an artist, take more risks, create whatever I felt like, and, with the advent and increase in streaming this made it even more possible to do so.

I could see the potential of it straight away. I sat on panels three years ago discussing what I felt were the benefits and how in the end it’ll be the format for the majority. I thought it was amazing that people who had no interest in DJing but loved the music and going to clubs and festivals now had a massively convenient and quick way to listen to any track or type of music they felt like in an instant anywhere they were right there and then, even on their phone, which let’s face it is everyone’s life now (take away someone’s phone for a day and see how lost they look).

This is huge I thought to myself! Why would anyone want to wait for a download who didn’t DJ to listen to their favourite tracks?!! And on top of that as an artist your track can get played and played forever (even after you’re no longer alive!).

I don’t wish to be held back by that anymore and I’m going to stick my neck out and just go for it. It’s about doing what you really believe in, standing for something and going for it regardless of what the majority might think of you. I made the move to become more independent and express myself musically however feels right at that moment. I look forward to sharing it all with you and going on a journey together to see where it takes us. Sit back, turn it up and listen away all day.