Goldfox 🇧🇪

When you try to jog down a map of the Belgian electronic music scene you’ll definitely have to highlight Goldfox’ name for the Limburg area. Being one of the most recognisable players of the local scene, the ginger managed to solidify his name all over the country, leaving a charismatic and overall professional impression wherever he sets up camp. The fox started out when he was 14, that adds up in spending more than the half of his natural life behind the 1s and 2s. Because he’s a genuine music lover he likes to play out his vinyl treasure, containing a wide range of melodic techno, breaks and acid stompers. But every now and then he throws in a surprising twist, expressing his creativity. His resume reads like a logical yet powerful climb of the ladder; Playing small venues and obscure events but also checking in behind the booth at Pukkelpop, Dour and Tomorrowland. In 2018 he ended up nr. 18 in the Belgian Dj Top 100 list at the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards and Studio Brussel gave him is own radio show in 2015 filled with moonlight music for the night owls. Apart from DJ’ing Goldfox is also a key figure when it comes to setting up parties and festivals. During the years he established himself as class-A promotor thanks to his memorable work for the old school concept Rave Our Souls and most recently Limburg hotspot Forty Five. Booking the Fox ain’t only about the beats, you’re in for a huge deal of nightlife expertise.