Gary Beck šŸ‡¬šŸ‡§

As a regular fixture at the world’s top clubs and festivals, GlasgowĀ born producer and DJ Gary Beck has long been established as a primaryĀ figure in techno.

Known and respected for his unique sound, he has gained support fromĀ the best names in the business and released music on some of theĀ genre’s leading labels, institutions such as Drumcode, Cocoon andĀ Saved as well as his own BEK Audio imprint.

Since his emergence onto the scene in 2007, Beck has accumulated anĀ impressive list of achievements. Highlights include a BBC Radio 1Ā Essential Mix and a Boiler Room session, as well as numerousĀ collaborations with similarly exceptional talents such as GreenĀ Velvet, Mark Broom and Speedy J. 2012 saw the release of his seminalĀ debut album ‘Bring a Friend’ on the legendary Soma Records label.

The last few years have seen Gary Beck’s career trajectory continue toĀ soar, with shows at renowned clubs such as Womb Tokyo, Fabric London,Ā Awakenings, Output NYC, and Timewarp, to name a few. In addition to aĀ packed performance schedule, Beck spends time as head of BEK Audio, anĀ imprint which has quickly become one of the most revered techno labelsĀ on the scene.’