Edouard! and Moon 🇫🇷


Edouard! has led a colorful career as an underground Dj.
In 2014 he launched “Overground” his residence at Rex Club. This project aims to say out loud that pretending to be underground today is just a snobbish attitude, as technology permits to any talent to rise itself through the different virtual media.

Edouard! began learning the basics of djing, at quite a young age, with Chicago House Music and Techno from Detroit in the 90’s when it blew up dancefloors through Europe.
At this time he spent many sleepless nights dancing and anticipating the DJ’s next record, a feeling that is crucial in learning to channel the dancefloor.

Born and raised in Paris, Edouard spins an eclectic set that is recognizably for a dancin’ floor.
He has an uncanny ability to surprise his crowd with a track they never thought they would dance to.
Also his experience, love and culture of Music in its global definition makes Edouard! an all-round DJ able to kick any dancefloor!

He also produces deep tech house tracks on labels like Katermukke, Click, Dantze, DOs Or Die…
His music, just like the way he plays, is made to stump your feet and take you deep inside of your inner self.


Born in Paris, it’s not by accident if Moon’s tech house and progressive music has become popular. When he was young, his night club experience gives him a way to find his style and good in playing with famous DJ’s as Anthony Pappa, Gabriel & Dresden, Tom Parris or Jimmy Van M without forget the popular Freddy and G-rom Parisians Dj’s.

Its in 1999 that Moon started to be a good DJ for the party named “the end”. After this experience, he plays in the famous Parisian night club as La Scene, La Loco, Le Metropolis, Les Folie’s , Le Manray or le VIP Room Paris… And become the main DJ of the Panam night club for the party “be friends” and the “Vinyl” for the “progress party”.
In 2008 and 2009, he is the official DJ at the “Bains-Douches” Paris, for the party Deliver Me and Global Underground where he invites Trafik, Jim Rivers, Nick Warren, Dave Seaman, Hernan Cattaneo and Andy Moor…
In 2011, he plays as the official DJ for the parties Magic at the Palace and recognized as the talented DJ, since 2012 he plays for the parties Belle Epoque! at Maxim’s with the guests Philip Bader, Sascha Braemer, Niconé, Nu, Koletzski, and more…
He has played in Ibiza, Geneva, Doha or Tunis where his music is recognized as the real good sounds. So in 2011, he makes his first release for Tempoverde Rec.