Dany Rodriguez 🇧🇪

Spanish-born and Belgian-based DJ, live performer, producer Dany Rodriguez, who also runs his record label RMR (vinyl & digital) and is touring worldwide with his LINK Festival concept.

D’Visions, his latest release from July 2017, as a follow up to his album ‘Galaxies Compared” released in September 2016, received some great reviews in both Wire and Dj Mag.
Having had his first contact with music in childhood he quickly got familiar with an electronic sound. His first purchase of music equipment were a set of turntables and a mixer and by the age of 17 he already was the resident DJ of club “La Chapelle” in Liège.

His career as a DJ got kick-started with the help of longtime friend Eric and producer Sierra Sam , further boosted his interest in electronics, encouraging Dany to create his own tracks.
Dany develops sonorities and his own musical universe tinged with emotions related to everyday life and using various instruments while drawing inspiration . With techno as his main production style, Dany showcases his diverse electronic talent while also going to experimental and ambient.Dany shows huge enthusiasm to his work. “Galaxies compared” – his debut album, which got out in September 2016, was followed by a new selection of tracks “D’Visions” released in July 2017. With RMR, Dany has released productions from himself and remixers James Ruskin, The Advent, Marco Bailey, Chris Tietjen, Oliver Way and Ben Long, Alexander Kowalski, Jay Denham, Mark Broom, Dj Surgeles and more.Other artists who he has collaborated with include Joey Beltram, Ben Sims, Space Dj’z, Sian, John Selway, Mikael Jonasson, Patrick de Meyer 32 CRASH from FRONT 242, David Carretta, & many more. All this got Dany’s name written in the electronic music dictionary.