Cazana 🇫🇷

Broadcast on radios like: Uncoded Radio, Deep House Magazine Italy and Cadenza Music. They are unanimous today and make us rediscover through his own style a sound mixing both minimal techno and tech House.

His tenacity allows him to access several French scenes like the famous Techno Parade, The Virgin Megastore, Machine du moulin rouge, the nouveau casino, The Nuba.

His open-mindedness also opened the doors of the international scene such as the Movida or China White in London, the Zoo Project Ibiza as well as the famous Bombeman Festival in Algeria and the private Emirates party in the desert of Dubai.

In order to maintain and share with us the indescribable sensation that comes from the mix and the music that Cazana continues to produce and to discover at each of his appearances a music that transports the audience in turn.

Complete and recognized artist, he invests in the production find Cazana on Soundcloud where he diffuses the best of its programming.

Last Gigs.

@ Cadenza Music
@ Private Emirates Desert (Dubai)
@ Deep House Magazine (Italy)
@ Chinawhite (London)
@ Movida (London)
@ Zoo Project (Ibiza)
@ Festival Bombman Universe (Algeria)
@ Queen (Paris)
@ La Machine du Moulin Rouge (Paris)
@Le Nouveau casino
@ Raspoutine (Paris)
@ Matignon (Paris)
@ Virgin Megastore (Paris)
@ Techno Parade (Paris)
@ Nuba (Paris)
@ Monsieur Mouche (Paris)
@ Cirque du Bonheur (Paris)