Cassegrain 🇩🇪

Cassegrain originated via a chance meeting at the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona. The Berlin based duo, now well established in the sphere of electronic music, found a home in Prologue Music after having several releases with the label including the highly acclaimed double 12″ “Tiamat”. Meanwhile, their ongoing collaboration with Tin Man has been released through Berlin based Killekill and more recently Function’s Infrastructure New York (co-run by Inland). The pair have become known for their intricate, hardware based live sets which they have performed worldwide, from several appearances at Berlin’s Berghain, Barcelona’s Sonar Festival and across Asia and the United States. Cassegrain’s debut album “Centres of Distraction” was released on triple vinyl by Prologue in November 2014. Following this, their collaboration with Tin Man appeared on Ostgut Ton, as part of “Berghain 07” and a new home in the form of Infrastructure New York, Function’s label, which he co-runs with Inland. 2016 saw the pair finally create a label, Arcing Seas. An anagram of Cassegrain, it started out as a secret alias, releasing a couple EPs on Our Circula Sound. The secret was less well kept after the duo appeared at Berghain under this name. After deciding to start a label, it finally made sense to bring the two together.