Alex Bau 🇩🇪

An affection to vinyl at an early stage is most probably the best precondition to become somebody finally ending up playing those vinyls for people. somebody with a musical background. somebody serving and educating people at the same time. somebody being called dj.

This is exactly what happened to alex back then in the very early 90`s. he acquired a musical background. he was asked to play records in front of people. he became a dj.

Even at that early stage, when still buying loads of records out of several genres, from 70´s disco via lots of 80`s pop, synthiepop, wave, ebm, gothic rock to 90`s independent, grunge, even hip hop and again the more darker side of synthie-based popmusic, alex already was very much into this new upcoming style called techno. like a lot of fellows at this early ravedays, the first contacts were slightly commercial. these techno trax cd compilations have not really been digging into the underground back in those days, but they have been good enough to become curious on what could be below this superficial surface. quite soon alex discovered a universe of new sounds, new music and styles, ranging from basicchannel, which is the “soul of techno” for alex, to the frankfurt school of techno with its very own sound, defined by labels like eye q and harthouse, but at the same time also early stuff from the berlin-based tresor label or u.s. based artists like jeff mills and his axis label were part of the first open to close sets during his first residency at libella, altenmarkt between 1994 and 1998. a small, dreamy spot close to the alps, but very innovative, alternative and step ahead by pure open mindness. by the way, also on of the first spots the famous dj hell got to dj in the late 80ies. versatility was the key back then to keep people in the club until the end, something he preserved until today. alex became addicted.

Though the medium to play music has changed to a pretty complex digital dj-setup, the approach is still the same. touring the world from buenos aires to tokyo or sydney to new york, having played and still playing clubs like u60311, lehmann, tresor, berghain and festivals like loveparade, rave on snow, nature one, almost countless releases on numerous labels, including some of the biggest within the techno cosmos like clr or also cocoon plus running his very own label credo for years alex is not about to expect himself to be the superstar dj or the product to be marketed. though the techno he is playing is straight, powerful, bassy and modern, in this respect alex is very oldschool. it`s still the music that has to speak for itself and the vibe created by the selection of music he is presenting which are the dominant factors on how a night goes. of course building a relation to the crowd is as important as the music and the place where it is played, but in the end it is as simple as he tells: “expect the whole party to be like a movie, and while the people on the dancefloor are the main actors i´m just delivering the soundtrack…”.