Posted on 2020-06-30


Blond:ish 🇨🇦

Vivie-Ann Bakos steps into 2019 flying the BLOND:ISH flag solo, bringing a newly individual joy and spirituality through solo performances and recordings. 2018 was truly the Year of BLOND:ISH: the birth of the ABRACADABRA label, the blossoming of ABRA events including a stage at Tomorrowland, yet another stand-out Burning Man set, label debuts including Warung […]

Posted on 2020-02-16


K.A.M.A. 🇮🇹

Born in Italy in the 80’s, K.A.M.A. ( Marco Caminati ) starts his musical career at the age of 17. Influenced in its beginnings by house and tech house, his technical skills, ability to connect with the crowd and he’s diverse musical style has made him one of the most versatile DJ’s in Italy. Over […]

Posted on 2019-12-31


Guy Gerber 🇮🇱

Guy Gerber has always favored the road less traveled. The Israeli DJ thrives on confounding expectations. What other underground DJ could collaborate with one of hip-hops biggest moguls, Puff Daddy, or start a left-field night at one of Ibiza’s most commercial clubs, Pacha? What other producer blends the worlds of melancholy and euphoria so effortlessly, […]

Posted on 2019-12-13


Julian Wassermann 🇩🇪

‘Surreal’ could almost be the title of Julian Wassermann’s musical career. The Munich based producer is currently one of the most respected within melodic house and deep techno. As a resident DJ at Harry Klein, Munich and numerous appearances in clubs like Watergate, Berlin at festivals like Pleinvrees, Amsterdam and SEMF in Stuttgart, Wassermann stayed […]

Posted on 2019-12-08


Steve Bug 🇩🇪

Steve Bug is one of electronic music’s true originals. His relentless commitment to quality – both in his own work and in the many producers he has championed – has made him one of the world’s most revered artists and curators, and along with his labels Poker Flat, Audiomatique, Dessous Recordings, Traffic Signs or Raw […]

Posted on 2019-12-03


Richy Ahmed 🇬🇧

Richy Ahmed is at the forefront of UK house music; having played a major part in the British house music’s recent renaissance, he takes cues from disco, techno,funk, electro and hiphop. Hailing from South Shields in the north of the UK, Richy continues to make regular appearances at events across Britain whilst touring internationally. His […]

Posted on 2019-11-30


Paul Woolford 🇬🇧

Paul Michael Woolford has been working tirelessly for over 20 years both in DJ booths globally, and in a myriad of recording studios, to redefine and reinvent all shapes of dance music. He has has applied his touch to over 200 records, including the work of Sam Smith, Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Lana Del Rey […]

Posted on 2019-11-29


Erick Morillo 🇺🇸

There really is very little in the world of music and entertainment that Erick Morillo hasn’t turned his hand to. He’s a platinum-selling artist, he’s topped the charts worldwide as the producer behind Reel 2 Real’s hit “I Like To Move It” (used in both Madagascar movies, reaching millions of viewers worldwide and covered by […]

Posted on 2019-11-26


Clive Henry 🇬🇧

Clive is one of the UK’s longest standing flag-wavers for underground house music having been one half of the genre-defining outfit Peace Division and resident at the world’s most musically influential nightclub DC10. Clive started his long musical journey way back in the mid-eighties when he was working after school to earn money to feed […]

Posted on 2019-11-23


Yolanda Be Cool 🇦🇺

In a world of inflated egos and outrageous demands, Yolanda Be Cool, aka Bondi boys Andy and Matt, have kept their feet on the ground and let their music do thetalking. The unavoidable worldwide number one breakthrough track, “We No Speak Americano” sold over 5 million copies and amassed over 200 million youtube views. Their […]